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The threaded wire sets best solution to solve the fasteners loose
      Thread wire set (wire thread insert) is a new type of threaded fasteners, precision machining by high-precision diamond-shaped cross-section of stainless steel wire from a spring-like internal and external threaded concentric body. Thread silk suit, such as the product can meet international standards for high-precision internal thread, its properties are better than tapping a thread.

Main application

1 is loaded the mechanical parts of the metal or non-metallic material (such as aluminum, magnesium and other light alloys Engineering Materials), can form a high strength, wear resistance, high-precision standard threaded.

     Typical applications: high voltage switch equipment, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, automotive parts, air separation plants, coal machine, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery.

2 thread processing errors or repair damaged internal thread, thread wire set (wire thread insert) can be used as repair means can be obtained quickly and efficiently repair

    Typical application: all kinds of important parts threaded holes after tripping repair, such as: injection molding machine template screw hole repair.

3 metric ← → inch threaded hole conversion thread wire set, very convenient, fast.

   Typical applications: the inch thread due to imports of equipment or machinery spare parts supply problems need to change the metric thread.


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