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Little bolt hardware standard pieces win ten million yuan to large orders
"To take over this international orders, we have a continuous busy for a few months." Filed recently with the American Lightning companies signed more than 1000 million "big list", Zhejiang Zeen Standard Parts Co., Ltd. Hong Yinxian manager in charge of the production of excited . Co., Ltd. has been committed to high-strength fasteners production of standard parts of Zhejiang Zeen, pay close attention to the quality of products sold abroad. Numerous little bolts "hold up" blocks of high-rise buildings.
Standard Parts Co., Ltd. About Zhejiang Zeen huge production plant, saw a road production process orderly, various models, sizes, has been the primary processing bolts neatly stacked on one side, dozens of workers and being busy. "Strictly control the import of raw materials OFF, which is the key to ensure product quality." Said the person in charge of the company. "Zeen" Daye, Fushun and other large steel mills have signed long-term supply order contract, and is equipped with a metal material look spectrometer, a 100% detection of all raw materials into the plant, the softness of uneven steel intercept "door". After primary processing machinery, chipless processing and other procedures, the final product into the special link - heat treatment. To make the finished bolt hardness, tensile strength, impact toughness degree can reach the national standards, "Zeen" to spend more than 100 million of the introduction of continuous mesh belt furnace cleaning, tempering, drying and other sectors "honed" under numerous little bolts considered baked. But these small bolts factory can not, "Sehn also invested 500,000 yuan to set up a test group, experts and scholars with Tongji University in Shanghai, a vice torque coefficient testing machine design a set of connected. After this practice, the we fishes factory products assured. "Company responsible person explained.
So fine, strict production process, he learned the "Zeen" fasteners a reinforced steel frame, and also create an astonishing miracles. "Zeen" the Yi Keke small bolt top from the Beijing Television, Beijing Mobile Building, Beijing General Building, Beijing Fortune Plaza, the National Theatre, the Lupu Bridge, Hangzhou Pagoda and many other works. At the same time, a copy of honor along Whispering "Zeen: National Hardware industry, quality assured, national standard qualified units, Zhejiang Province quality products ...


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